Available in four popular centerfire calibers and with options that include carbon fiber barrels and adjustable triggers, Springfield Armory's new Model 2020 Waypoint rifle series is here. 

Announced by the Illinois-based company on Tuesday, the Waypoints are a line of bolt-action rifles available in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC. Backed up by a 0.75-inch MOA accuracy guarantee, each comes standard with a carbon fiber stock by AG Composites, uses AICS-pattern detachable magazines, and a lock time of just 1.9 milliseconds, which SA contends is up to 45 percent faster than the competition. 

The Model 2020 Waypoints are in offered in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC (Photos: Springfield Armory)

"The Model 2020 has arrived and marks a new dawn for modern bolt-action rifles from Springfield Armory," said company CEO Dennis Reese in a statement. "It sets the standard for precision manufacturing, performance and accuracy from a premium, American-made rifle."

SA's new Model 2020 action has an integral recoil lug and is machined from pre-hardened stainless steel with EDM cut raceways. The fluted bolts are standard. 
The standard TriggerTech “Field” trigger, is adjustable from 2.5- to 5-pounds.
The BSF barrel is jacketed in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve, and for those who aren't fans of the carbon-fiber life, there is also an option for a more traditional fluted stainless steel barrel with a Cerakoted finish.

Both run Radial Brake muzzle devices. Barrel length is also optional, with the .308 Win, for example, available in 20-, 22- and 24-inch lengths. 

The carbon fiber stocks are available in several options including adjustable (with a 3 axis adjustable cheek comb) and standard configurations and a choice of Ridgeline or Evergreen camo patterns. Both have M-LOK slots for accessories and five QD sling points. 

The guns are light for production precision rifles, with the .308 Win 20-inch CF barrel variant running around 6.5-pounds. The heaviest we can find is the 6.5PRC-chambered model with a 24-inch stainless barrel and an adjustable stock, which weighs in at a hair over 8-pounds.

MSRP varies with options but the Model 2020 Waypoint starts at $1699 for the "basic" 20-inch stainless models with fixed stocks, running to $2,399 for those with CF barrels and adjustable stocks.