Sure, any shotgun can bust clays on the trap field. Yet, for those who take their trapshooting seriously, a dedicated scattergun with features tailored for the sport will often result in better scores over the long term. Contrary to prior beliefs, buying a trap-specific shotgun doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are five solid current production options at every price point from below $550 to over $3,000. 

Over $3,000: Browning Citori 725 Trap 

Browning has a reputation for excellence in the sporting shotgun market. Few doubles have the instant recognition of the Browning Citori line. The 725 Trap is a 12-gauge over/under shotgun that is available with either 30- or 32-inch barrels along with three flush-mount Invector DS choke tubes. 

Though the comb is not adjustable, it is slightly raised, and the grade III/IV gloss black walnut stocks are quite stunning. The silver nitride finish receiver shows gold accents. Other sporting features include ported barrels, a HiViz Pro-Comp sight, high-post floating rib, and a triple trigger system with three shoes. For a big step up – in both features and price – the Citori Trap Max is worth the extra bucks. The Max adds features like a fully adjustable stock, grade V/VI black walnut, Graco GraCoil recoil reduction buttstock system, and five extended choke tubes. 


Under $1,400: CZ All-American Single Trap 

One of the most pleasant surprises in the trap gun world are CZ’s offerings to the sporting shotgun market. The CZ All-American Trap marks an exceptional grade of single shot for the price. These guns are loaded with features. The Single Trap uses a four-way comb adjustment combined with full buttplate modularity for cast and toe. Reach to trigger can be adjusted for different-sized hands. 

Serious trap shooters burn through thousands of rounds. As such, the CZ All-American guns are built to accept drop-in replacement parts for a simple gun refresh. The gun can be had with either a 30-, 32-, or 34-inch ported barrel, each with five extended chokes. For shooters who appreciate the All-American build, CZ also offers a sweet All-American Trap Combo, which partners an unsingle barrel with a dial-adjustable rib and an over/under set of barrels. 


Under $1,200: TriStar TT-15 Trap Guns

Turkish-built value expert TriStar Arms now offers a full contingent of trap-specific shotguns. There’s legitimately a trap gun for every style of shooter in the TT-15 lineup. There are the TT-15 single-barrel Mono Trap, Top Single, and Unsingle in the single shots. Likewise, three models make up the over/under configurations: DT Adjustable, CTA Deluxe, and the CTA Trap set, which includes both over/under and unsingle barrels. 

All wear fully adjustable stocks and extended choke tubes along with upgraded Turkish walnut. The most popular, especially for the price, has been the TT-15 Mono Trap. It is chambered in 12-gauge and fitted with a 34-inch competition barrel. Just about every metric is adjustable, including the comb, length of pull, cast, and drop. 


Under $750: Stevens/Savage 555 Trap 

Some guns are proof that shooters don't need to sacrifice specialized features for cost savings. The Stevens by Savage Model 555 Trap gun is a single-barrel, sport-specific shotgun. It can be had in either 12- or 20-gauge, both with a 30-inch barrel and interchangeable chokes. 

There’s even a compact model for smaller-framed shooters, and that version uses a 26-inch barrel along with a shortened length of pull. The select Turkish walnut stocks are handsome enough, but the adjustable comb is especially welcome for customizing the fit. It boasts a raised, ventilated rib with a silver-alloy receiver and chrome-lined barrel to add extra icing on the cake at this price point. 


Under $550: Winchester SXP Trap 

Pump-action trap guns have long been some of the most affordable on the market. The trouble now is dealing with models and brands that are out of production, like the vintage Winchester Model 12 or Remington 870 Trap. Some of these have priced themselves into collector status. Luckily, Winchester saves the day on the affordable clay gun market with their SXP Trap family of target pumps. The SXP Trap is chambered in 12 gauge and can be had with either a 30- or 32-inch barrel. 

There’s a high-profile trap comb, 5/15-inch trap rib with fiber-optic front sight and ivory mid bead. It also hosts a three-shot adaptor with a speed plug system. The InFlex recoil pad helps direct felt recoil away from the cheek, especially important in lighter weight pump-action shotguns when running 100 straight targets. With those features, the SXP Trap is the most affordable entry point into the dedicated sporting gun world, especially for beginning shooters. 


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