The Kimber Micro 9 Stealth FO is a micro 9mm that brings some of the best characteristics of the classic 1911 into a compact carry package. Along with all of the normal extras, this gun does come with some additional fiber-optic tubes for your sights, which is a nice touch.

That, however, is hardly the highlight of this little 1911-style package that also brings some of the best features of the classic full-size 1911 into a micro-compact pistol. The Kimber Micro 9 is a very popular handgun for a good reason. The size of the gun is an obvious selling point, but the pistol still manages to boast a light and accurate trigger that puts most daily carry guns to shame.

Self-defense pistols are not known for their great triggers. Actually, they are generally known for having relatively terrible triggers. But the Kimber Micro 9 trigger is light, crisp, and positive. What you are getting with this fiber-optic pistol, aside from nice sights, is a metal gun that boasts many of the features of a fine 1911.

The finger grooves on the gun and magazine give you a positive grip that fills your hand. Other guns offer this feature, but this Kimber takes it to a new level. For a carry pistol, the entire firearm offers you better control of the gun and improved shootability.

The fine 1911-style trigger translates well to this micro gun. For a carry pistol, that is a nice touch that puts it above most of the modern alternatives. It is a hammer-fired gun, which gives it a very short trigger pull. But I won’t sugarcoat it. When we complement most triggers on carry guns, it is more of a nod to improving something that was never really perfect to begin with. This trigger, on the other hand, is quite nice regardless of the compact size of the gun.

Triggers often get overlooked with carry guns. Kimber did not overlook this one, which is actually quite pleasant to shoot. This is an excellent, American-made gun that begs to be carried every single day.

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