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  • Marines Award $10 Million Contract for Polymer-Cased .50 Cal Rounds

    A Mississippi munitions company got a $10 million nod last week from the Marines to supply an array of updated .50 caliber ammunition.

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  • .38 SPL Showdown: Ammo Testing Buffalo Bore vs. Black Hills

    Today we are going to be taking a look at two types of .38 designed for close ranges — the Black Hills HoneyBadger 100-grain +P and the Buffalo Bore 158-grain Outdoorsman Hardcast +P.

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  • It’s Raining Waterfowl Thanks to Federal Premium’s Black Cloud TSS

    Turkey hunters have been embracing Federal Premium TSS shot for several years now, with many other companies now making use of the tungsten advantage over steel; however, Federal has parlayed that advantage into the waterfowl market.

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  • Terminal Ascent: A Name in Hunting Ammunition You’ll Want to Remember sat down with Federal company leaders and product engineers at its plant in Anoka, MN to get the inside scoop on 2020’s hottest ammunition launch–Terminal Ascent hunting ammunition and bullets.

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