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Founded in 1954, Armalite is best known as the originator of the AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. Made up of a diverse group of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, the Armalite team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of commitment to innovation, product development, and customer service in the firearms industry. Armalite aims to exceed expectations by continually providing high-quality, top preforming, dependable firearms to the American people. As a subsidiary of the Strategic Armory Corps, Armalite has driven the quality standards to the next level by building premium products in the United States, by Americans, for Americans.

Armalite Rifles

Armalite bolt action rifle

Originators of the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms, Armalite offers high quality firearms, parts and accessories. Shop's selection of new and used rifles by Armalite!


Armalite Magazines

armalite magazine

Armalite generation II AR-10 magazines in 20-round capacity have proven to be a stunning success. 

Building on that success, Armalite now offers a full range of these fine magazines from 5 to 25 round capacity; covering all uses from big game hunting to hard military or Law Enforcement use.




Proud American Gun Owners and their Firearms Vol. 2

Photographs of some of the millions of legal gun owners who, every day, proudly exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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Armalite Run Down: Just why was it the AR-15? What does AR even stand for?

Sure, everyone has heard of the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America, but what about the AR-1 or AR-17? There are a few interesting stories there.

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From buying to building: Why AR-15 fans are DIYing

Some dedicated fans of the black rifle are circumventing the gun store in favor of building their own, custom gun.

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Fidget spinners are not rated for .50 cal (VIDEO)

The VSO Gun Channel got curious to see if a fidget spinner had the ballistic guts needed to bring out the best in a .50 caliber BMG incendiary round.

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