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Bersa by Eagle Imports combines quality firearms with reliable follow up service to define themselves against the competition. Born in Argentina, Bersa provides the best firearms for every type of shooter. Whether you're completely inexperienced or a competition shooter Bersa has you covered. Bersa is amazingly accurate, predictably reliable, and has more safety features than you can imagine, leaving you with a firearm you can trust.


bersa Handgun 22LR semi auto

Great for concealed carry, home defense or a day at the range, Bersa handguns are an affordable option you can trust. Shop's new and used selection of handguns by Bersa. 


Bersa Magazines

Need the perfect mag for your Bersa? Look no further than our selection of magazines for Bersa pistols. Increase your firearm's capacity, or just have some extra clips to carry for the range.




Astra, Llama & Star: Spending Time with Some Spanish Pistols

An unexpected firearms powerhouse throughout the 20th Century, Spain exported quality firearms around the globe that are increasingly collectible.

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NYPD pays big cash for the gun show bargain bin (6 PHOTOS)

Authorities in New York bought $130,000 in guns off from an illegal dealer in a Walgreens parking lot over a one year period. Want to see what they got?

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New York police charge 8 in Brooklyn gun running ring

Shutting down an operation that funneled 112 guns from Pittsburgh and Atlanta into the city, authorities in Brooklyn announced a series of arrests

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Bersa’s new ‘longslide’ Thunder 9 Pro XT

The new Pro XT was developed specifically for competition and includes a handful of features that make it race-ready out of the box. And it looks good, too.

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Promise Small Size

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