Established in 2002, CMMG was born of a desire to create a quality AR rifle that anyone can afford. 

Today, the company remains a leading manufacturer of AR-15 rifles, 22 LR AR-15 conversion kits, and accessories. The company is constantly looking for new ways to improve products, processes, and the company at large, while its product lineup continues to be second to none. 

CMMG firearms and parts are made in the United States from the best materials available and are guaranteed for life against defects in material or workmanship.

CMMG Handguns

cmmg banshee pistol

Find the most popular CMMG handgun models in a variety of calibers and finishes. Search reliable AR AK hybrid semi-automatic pistols, including the Banshee, Mk9, Mk47, Mk57, and more.


CMMG Rifles

cmmg resolute 100

Shop for CMMG rifles for sale made with Mil-Spec components. Find reliable semi-automatic AR-15 style lightweight rifles like the Resolute, MK4, MK47, and more. 


CMMG Magazines

GLOCK PA195S203 G19 Gen5 Compact Front Serrations night sites

Want to purchase a CMMG firearm for a fraction of the suggested retail price? Look no further than our selection of high-quality, used CMMG products, which are still backed by our guarantee. 




How to Avoid a 'Double Feed Disaster'

Understanding how to clear malfunctions is an important part of firearms handling and ownership. Let us walk you through how to deal with a double feed.

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CMMG Debuts 22LR End Cap Banshee Pistol

Missouri-based CMMG this month announced what is billed as the company's shortest and most compact Banshee model ever, the .22LR End Cap.

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2020 Hunting Gift Guide Perfect for Every Hunter

The holiday shopping season falls during the best time of year for hunters, so there’s little time to leave the woods, sort sale papers, make wish lists, or hit the stores.

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CMMG Mk4 Resolute in .350 Legend

The new CMMG Resolute Mk4 chambered in .350 Legend is proof that there are some darn pleasant surprises in new guns these days.

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Shop for the best deals on new and used CMMG firearms for sale. Choose from semi-auto rifles and pistols in a variety of calibers, all with numerous applications.