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An American arms manufacturer, Daniel Defense was founded by Marty Daniel in 2000 in Savannah, Georgia, and within a few short years, business was booming and a larger facility was needed. This prompted a move to Black Creek, Georgia, with a second facility later opened in South Carolina as well.

Daniel Defense remains a family-owned company and creates concepts that have evolved over the years to one of the most recognizable brands in the firearms industry. They manufacture bolt-action rifles, modern sporting rifles, and pistols made for law enforcement, military, and civilians alike. Their products are known for unmatched quality and ultimate precision, part of which is accomplished by the company controlling every aspect of production while manufacturing almost every component of their products themselves.

Daniel Defense can be summed up in three words: Freedom. Passion. Precision.

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Shop Guns.com to find Daniel Defense AR pistols for sale. Made with a barrel shorter than a rifle, AR pistols pack a powerful punch in a compact, lightweight package that is highly maneuverable.

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Daniel Defense Rifles

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Browse our inventory of popular bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles made by Daniel Defense. New or used, we offer a large selection of rifles made for an array of applications, from hunting and home defense to competition and everything in between. 

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Used Daniel Defense Guns

Daniel Defense 16191067 DDM4 V11 CO Compliant Semi-Automatic 300 AAC Blackout 16 No Mag Mil-Spec Brown 6-Position Adjustable wSoftTouch Overmodling Stock Mil-Spec Brown Cerakote Aluminum Rece

Shopping on a budget or otherwise looking to save some money on a firearm without sacrificing quality? Look no further than our ever-growing selection of used Daniel Defense guns for sale, which offers the same quality for which Daniel Defense is known at a fraction of the cost of their new counterparts.

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