Colt Rifles For Sale

Shop for new and used Colt rifles for sale. A trusted name with a 200-year history, Colt's AR-15 style rifles are built to meet the rigorous demands of military and law enforcement. 

They are well-suited for hunting, home defense, tactical, and other applications. 

Our inventory includes semi-automatic, pump-action, and bolt-action rifles in about half a dozen different calibers.

Colt Rifle News

  • Colt Reportedly to Stop Making Rifles for Consumer Market

    Connecticut-based Colt Firearms last week reportedly signaled they are exiting the consumer rifle market in coming days.

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  • Colt Clarifies Exit from Consumer AR-15 Market

    Colt opened up this week about the company’s reported shift in rifle marketing, clarifying it is just a matter of adapting to consumer demand.

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  • Canadian Army to Spend $6 Million for Colt-Made C20 7.62 Rifles

    The Canadian Army is dropping $6 million into Colt Canada’s coffers for the new 7.62 NATO C20 rifle to equip sniper teams. The Canadian Department of National Defence confirmed to local media that Colt Canada will supply 272 of the new C20 rifles after a pair of contracts, a CA$2 million (USD 1.42 million) award […]

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  • Colt Awarded $41 Million Army M4 Contract for Overseas Allies

    The Pentagon on Wednesday announced that Connecticut-based Colt’s Manufacturing is the winner of a big contract to supply M4 carbines to allies overseas.

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