Mossberg Shotguns For Sale has hundreds of Mossberg shotguns for sale online. Our ever-growing new and used inventory offers competitive prices on an array of models, including the best-selling Mossberg 500, as well as the 590, 930, and more. 

Delivering quality and innovation for over 100 years, Mossberg manufactures semi-automatic, bolt-action, and pump-action shotguns.

Whether you're searching for hunting, home defense, recreation, or anything else, has a Mossberg shotgun for sale for just about any need. Our user-friendly website makes finding your next firearm easy, while our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist any step of the way.

Helpful Articles

  • Is the Mossberg Shockwave a viable home defense gun? (VIDEO)

    I wondered if it would bring anything new to the defensive shotgun game? After running one I have to say that my opinion has changed.

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  • Mossberg introduces new Retrograde 500, 590 shotguns

    Walnut furniture makes a return on the newest variants of Mossberg’s model 590A1 Tactical and 500 Persuader series 12 gauge shotguns.

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  • 7 reasons the Mossberg 500 Field Combo is the most versatile shotgun you can own

    A shotgun is not just one of the most important guns you can own, it’s probably *the* most important. Enter the Mossberg 500 Field and Security Combo.

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  • The Best Shotguns for Bird Hunting

    Different types of hunting call for varying styles of shotguns. Chasing geese, ducks, upland birds, or even turkeys these shotguns work.

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