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  • Ruger: Bolt action rifles more popular than usual

    Ruger CEO Chris Killoy said last week the gun maker’s bolt action rifle sales saw an unanticipated bump during fall hunting season last year.

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  • Three Bolt Action Rifles For Lefties

    Many left handed shooters get frustrated shooting right handed weapons. But there are options. More companies are making production models that meet the needs of those who prefer truly left handed guns. Here are three fabulous choices for hunting.

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  • Rifle 101: The Difference Between Bolt, Semi-auto, Lever, and Pump Actions

    For those inquiring minds who want to know the nuts and bolts differences between various rifle actions, pull up a chair and get the 411.

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  • Sauer’s S100 bolt-action rifle in 6.5 PRC now shipping

    Sauer’s 6.5 PRC chambered S100 bolt-action rifle is officially rolling out factory doors, according to J.P. Sauer & Sohn.

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