Side By Side Shotguns For Sale

Find some of the best-selling side-by-side shotguns here! Our ever-growing inventory includes new and used models in just about every price range.

Browse for popular brands, like Browning, CZ, Ithaca, Iver Johnson, Remington, Rock Island, Stoeger, TriStar, Winchester, and more. 

Sometimes referred to by SxS, the side-by-side shotgun is a classic double-barrel shotgun that’s equally well-suited for sport shooting and bird hunting. They typically have two triggers — one for each barrel — and offer safety and speed in a simplistic, reliable design.

But although the action is simplistic in nature, some of these double-barreled beauties are undoubtedly of heirloom quality, boasting attractive wood furniture, alluring finishes, and intricately engraved details.

revolver barrel loading graphic