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Heckler & Koch has led the way for more than 50 years as a dominant designer and manufacturer of small arms. With an unbeatable reputation for innovation, quality, durability, and safety, H&K has been trusted by law enforcement and military forces across the globe. They are also a major firearms supplier to numerous NATO countries. 

The company strives to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers while holding onto a steadfast commitment to excellence through leadership in technology, research and development, and responsible marketing. H&K continues to expand, with operations in the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Heckler & Koch’s vision is simple — “To be the world’s premier small arms system company.”

HK Handguns


Browse our selection of new and used HK handguns for sale. An industry leader and trusted brand known for its high-quality components and craftsmanship, HK is the maker of the popular VP9, VP9SK, USP, P2000SK, and P30SK.


HK Rifles

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Find great deals on new and used HK rifles for sale at Choose from models with superior ergonomics, innovative features, and well-thought-out designs, including the popular MR556A1, MR762A1, and others.


Used Heckler & Koch Guns


Check out our used Heckler & Koch inventory for rock bottom prices on quality rifles and handguns made by one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Find the most popular HK firearms, including models that are both in and out of current production.




Army FY22 Budget Seeks to Fund NGSW, Sniper Rifles

The Army's recently announced budget request for the fiscal year 2022 includes at least $114 million for new rifles, handguns, and the next generation of small arms.

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True Velocity's 6.8mm Polymer Cased Round Primed for Wider Use

The hybrid polymer-cased cartridge, developed by Texas-based True Velocity as part of the Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon program, is compatible with legacy firearms as well.

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Is the G45 the Best Glock Ever?

When the Glock G45 was released in 2018, no one really expected it. Three years on, could it now be the best Glock ever made? Let's find out.

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Quick Clean Your Handgun

A quick clean of your handgun should only take about 5 minutes and can be done right at the range. The particular handgun we are cleaning today is the Sig p320 X5 Legion. The process on most striker fired handguns will be very similar.

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Shop for the best deals on new and used Heckler & Koch firearms for sale. Choose from semi-automatic rifles and semi-auto handguns, all available in a variety of calibers, with numerous features, options, and applications.