SilencerCo founder speaks with Donald Trump Jr. on 2A

Joshua Waldron sat down and got Donald Trump Jr. in the same room to speak on a number of subjects, with a hard laser focus on the Second Amendment.

In Louisville earlier this year at the ASA Suppressor Shoot in Knob Creek, Waldron told that the Trump family were big fans of suppressors and firearms. In the above conversation which goes a bit longer than a half-hour, Trump speaks to Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Heller, the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, and others.

Trump’s assessment: the Second Amendment would never come back.

“Hillary Clinton already said the Supreme Court didn’t get the Heller decision right,” says Trump, going on to point out that the next President will likely appoint several new jurists to the currently understaffed and rapidly aging bench. “If you lose the Supreme Court and you lose two or three Justices, that’s a 30 or 40 year swing. That’s probably something you never recover from.”

And as a bonus: there is lots of talk about NFA reform referencing the Hearing Protection Act.

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