Bushnell expands AR Optics lineup with scopes, red dots

04/20/18 8:30 AM | by

The AR Optics scope line gets a boost with more models added. (Photo: Bushnell)

Bushnell adds to its line of AR Optics, designed for Modern Sporting Rifles, introducing scopes tailored for popular and prevalent calibers.

The AR Optics series now encompass .22 LR, .223/5.56, .308 Win, .300 BLK, 6.5 Creedmoor and .224 Valkyrie scope offerings. The scopes offer fully multi-coated optics and custom BDC reticles built for precise elevation holds. The scopes, totaling 11 models, are available from 1-4x24mm to 4.5-18x40mm with eight various reticles.

“Each scope has a throw-down power-change lever that can be set to two different heights,” Bushnell Tactical product manager Bryan Parrish said in a press release. “It makes these scopes as customizable as the rifles they share a name with.”

In addition to providing more specific caliber scope options, Bushnell adds the TRS-26 and First Strike red dots to its inventory. The newer TRS-26 offers a longer battery life and brighter 3 MOA dot with 26mm tube body.

The TRS-26, left, and First Strike 2.0, right, offer improvements over their predecessors. (Photo: Bushnell)

The First Strike 2.0 also boasts a longer battery life but is housed in a small reflex-style rugged housing with a 4 MOA red dot.

“The First Strike 2.0 is two times the red dot its older brother was,” Parrish commented. “It also features longer battery life, a brighter dot and tool-less side compartment battery removal.”

Both red dots are waterproof and shock-proof with adjustable brightness settings.

Bushnell’s new AR Optics scope line starts at $220 with prices topping out at $434. The TRS-26 and First Strike 2.0 are priced at $194 and $277.

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