Glock Delivers Optic-Ready G45 MOS to Market (PHOTOS)

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Glock Delivers Optic-Ready G45 MOS to Market (PHOTOS)

Modular Optic Ready Glock G45 MOS 4

The Glock G45 is now available with a factory RMR cut as the G45 MOS (Photos: Glock)

Glock continues to expand both their Crossover series and Modular Optic System line in one stroke by announcing the new G45 MOS pistol.

The updated G45 comes with a factory RMR-cut and custom mounting plates to accommodate several popular reflex optical sights. This addition to their MOS line of optics-compatible guns puts the 9mm G45 in the same club as the G17, G19, G34 as well as the .40S&W G35, 10mm-chambered G40 and .45 ACP G41.

“As the industry trends toward pistol mounted optics, the G45 MOS has become my go-to platform when working with LE and Military,” said Team Glock Captain Shane Coley. “With the ability to have iron sights or optics, the possibilities are endless, and we are able to better support our customers’ preferences.”

Modular Optic Ready Glock G45 MOS 2

The MOS Configuration makes it easy to mount a reflex sight on the pistol’s slide right out of the box

Dubbed by Glock as a Crossover design, the 5th Generation G45 uses Glock’s Marksman Barrel, improved trigger, ambi controls, a modular backstrap system and flared mag well – all standard to Gen 5 models – while adding front cocking serrations to the slide. The 9mm features the same 17-round standard magazine capacity of the G17 while coming in a few ounces lighter and having a 7.44-inch overall length, which is about a half-inch shorter.

Modular Optic Ready Glock G45 MOS s

A Gen 5 Glock, the G45 MOS has a hard-surface nDLC finish in non-reflective black on the slide that features front serrations.

It was a follow-on to the G19X, which blends the full-size frame of the G17 with the smaller slide assembly of the G19 to create a more commander-sized handgun.

Since its debut last September, the G45 has been adopted by a string of law enforcement users

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