Sig Sauer Announces 15 Round Mag for P365 Series Pistols

Sig Sauer Announces 15 Round Mag for P365 Series Pistols

The new Sig Sauer P365 15-round magazine provides an additional 5 rounds to the legacy P365 pistol and is compatible with the upcoming P365XL (Photos: Sig)

With the new P365XL on the way, Sig Sauer this week announced they have an extended 15-round magazine available that is backward compatible across the line.

The current P365 series pistol ships with flush 10-round mags while an optional 12-round extended magazine allows users to bring the total capacity to 13 rounds. The new 15-round magazine pushes the pistol’s height to 5.5-inches, from the standard 4.3-inches seen with the standard factory flush-fit mag but adds the benefit of boosting available capacity by 50 percent.

How Sig's magazine offerings translate to pistol height.

How Sig’s magazine offerings translate to pistol height.

The new 15-round mag ships with an installed baseplate to fit a standard P365, and comes with an additional baseplate that can be easily installed to all X-Series P365 models. They have an MSRP of $49.

The as-yet-to-be-released P365XL, which runs a longer 3.7-inch barrel (up from 3.1 in the P365) and corresponding optic-ready slide as well as a 12-round magazine capacity, can also use the new 15-round mags.

Ryan Cleckner with Gun University got a sneak peek at the new P365XL earlier this month and breaks it down in the below video. The pistol is expected to be officially unveiled and ship to dealers sometime in June.

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