Winter Carry - Walther PPQ M2 + Grip Tape on a Carry Gun?

As the cold of winter grips the nation that can mean only one thing — it’s easier to conceal carry full-size guns again.

Today we’re taking a look at the Walther PPQ, a used handgun I found in the GDC Vault. There is nothing new about the PPQ or its design necessarily, but I’ve never trained with a full-size pistol, or a Walther for that matter, so it seemed like a fun challenge for this assignment. Additionally, this Walter comes decked out with custom Talon Grip tape job on it, customary of the previous owner.

Stay tuned as we find how the PPQ performs and whether its grip tape upgrade is worth it.

How the PPQ Measures and Carries

The PPQ M2 is often compared to full-size brethren from Glock, S&W, Sig, and HK. Yet the PPQ and Walther, in general, don’t seem to receive as much love as the aforementioned brands. Given Walther’s deep history and the PPQ’s history, quality design and price point the PPQ should be in the running for a full-size carry option —especially for winter concealment.

After pairing mine with a Crossbreed outside-the-waistband holster, I found myself carrying 16 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense with ease. The first thing I noticed about the PPQ, before firing any rounds, was its ergonomics. The PPQ filled my hand perfectly and when I took a proper two-handed grip, it felt like home. Every spare millimeter of space was filled and my hands felt made for this gun. If the stock set-up doesn’t quite work for your hand, Walther offers two additional interchangeable backstraps with the PPQ that easily swap in to help you get the right fit.


The PPQ M2 is a great full-size option for those looking to beef up for winter (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Ergonomics aside, users will appreciate the ambidextrous slide stop and mag release that reverses to accommodate left-handed shooters. Both the slide stop and mag release bring a large, tactile and easily actuated design to the table, making the gun a pleasure to use. The mag release shines in its capacity as the PPQ doesn’t just drop mags, it ejects them with force!

Range Performance

People routinely gush over Walther’s triggers and after some time at the range, I finally realized why. While I’m no trigger aficionado I would say this has to be one of the nicest production triggers I’ve ever had the pleasure of squeezing. The PPQ is free from that mushy feeling associated with other carry or full-size competitors. The break is clean while the travel to reset is short, sweet and audible. In short, much like its sibling the Q5 Match, the PPQ wins on the trigger front.

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The PPQ produces very little muzzle rise and felt recoil is minimal. Also, I experienced zero failures after 500 rounds. The long slide paired with the standard night sights also made this gun easy to get on target.

To Tape or Not to Tape?

This particular model PPQ came straight from the Vault and as I previously mentioned sports Talon Grip Tape. With little experience in the grip tape world, I was curious how I would like a gun decked out with this accessory.

ppq m2 on table

The PPQ M2 cycled all the ammo we could throw at it (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

While the Talon Grip tape provides a good, positive connection to the gun, it comes with its own set of considerations. As soon as I started applying layers as you’d wear in winter months, I noticed the tape made drawing more difficult. The worst offender was a nice merino wool shirt that had a magnetic like attraction to the tape. I couldn’t even break leather without the tape catching the wool, making the rest of the draw very difficult.

Now, an easy solution would be to avoid merino wool shirts; but if I were to choose to carry the PPQ but I’d rather avoid the grip tape, to begin with. If you’re using the gun for home defense or competition though it adds an element of texture that could be revered.

ppq taken apart

The breakdown of the Walther PPQ M2 (Photo: Seth Rodgers/


Walther doesn’t get the credit or recognition it deserves for the work they’ve done with the Walther PPQ. This gun deserves to be a top contender in the full-size carry game. The PPQ M2 can go toe-to-toe with any other polymer, full-size, striker-fired pistol on the market. It’s a pleasure to shoot and provides plenty of enjoyment on the range.

If you’re looking for a new winter carry gun, one which can sport over 15 rounds of 9mm, then the Walther PPQ should be at the top of your list.

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