New Diamondback DBX 5.7mm Pistol Shipping Soon

A table with a blue mat on top and a svelte Diamondback DBX 5.87x28mm pistol with folding brace and three FN Five-SeveN magazines next to it

Introduced earlier this year at SHOT Show, Diamondback has made clear the new DBX 5.7mm pistol is not vaporware, with shipping on the horizon. (Photos: Chris Eger/

Florida-based Diamondback Firearms has announced they will begin shipping their new DBX 5.7x28mm pistol in May.

Teased at SHOT Show earlier this year when the gun was in pre-production, the compact braced pistol uses a dual gas piston action with an 8-inch threaded barrel that ends in a muzzle device.

Overall length, with the rear Picatinny-mounted, side-folding brace extended is 25.4-inches. Folded length is 16.9-inches. Alternatively, the brace can be dismounted to provide a more compact pistol that is 16.1-inches flat.

A table with a blue mat on top and a svelte Diamondback DBX 5.87x28mm pistol with folding brace and one FN Five-SeveN magazine

The Diamondback DBX will be offered in both FN Five-seveN and Ruger 57 magazine formats.

Other features include a Magpul MOE-K grip and a 6061 aluminum hard-coat anodized handguard with M-LOK slots to the left, right, and bottom along with a Magpul handstop kit. The DBX uses AR-15 mil-spec triggers and production models will be offered in either FN Five-seveN or Ruger 57 magazine-compatibility, shipping with a 20-round mag in either case.

Diamondback DBX on table

The frame is made from 7075 aluminum and is hard coat anodized. Height is 7.3-inches without sights while the width is 1.75-inches over the charging handle.

Weight, sans brace, is 3-pounds. Running the brace brings the gun up to 3.7-pounds plus optics, ammo and the user’s choice of accessories. Should a DBX owner want to swap out the muzzle device or add a can, the barrel is threaded with a standard 1/2x28TPI pitch.

A Diamondback DBX folded into a backpack

“Small enough to conceal in your bug out bag? You bet.,” says Diamondback on the new DBX. (Photo: Diamondback)

MSRP on the Diamondback DBX is expected to be $1,299.


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