10 Time-Tested Pocket Pistols and Mouse Guns from the GDC Vault

While derringers or other pocket pistols are not ideal for self-defense, somehow, we all seem to want one. Check out these sweet choices for the ultimate in deep concealment from the Guns.com Vault.

Bond Arms Texas Defender

Bond Arms derringer

The Bond Arms Texas Defender packs a big punch in a small derringer.

If a derringer is on your wish list, there are none better than Texas-made Bond Arms. These well-built stainless-steel double-barrels are made to last with some models using interchangeable barrels. Bond Arms uses automatic extractors, a patented rebounding hammer for a quick follow-up shot and a cross-bolt safety.


Baby Browning

Baby Browning

The always desirable Baby Browning

If adorable semi-automatic pistols that fit in the palm of your hand are on the wish list, the Baby Browning should be near the top. Like its European relative from FN, this Baby Browning is also made in Belgium. It holds six rounds of .25 ACP and sports a 1.5-inch barrel. The unloaded weight sits just under 10-ounces. This tiny frame must be seen and felt to be fully appreciated. Also, fans of these classics should know that Bauer has been making an updated version of the Baby Browning in the U.S. for decades.


Beretta 21A

Beretta 21A

The Beretta 21A has the classic tip-up barrel.

In the rimfire world of pocket pistols, Beretta’s Model 21A is instantly recognizable. The 21A uses a tip-up design on a semi-automatic action. Magazine feeding allows for seven rounds of .22 LR. The 2-inch barrel features low profile sights, ideal for tucking into tight concealment. The classic lines and smooth wooden grips show off the inlaid medallion Beretta logos.


S&W Model 61 Escort

S&W Escort

The faux wood grips are straight out of the 1970s

The Model 61 Escort from Smith & Wesson is a throwback built for only a few years in the early 1970s. Chambered in .22 LR, the 2-inch barreled semi-auto offers a 5-round magazine and drift adjustable notch and blade iron sights. The Model 61 Escort is as much a talking point among S&W collectors as it is a backup pocket pistol. It is sure to interest both collectors and shooters.


The NAA Mini-Revolver

NAA mini revolver

North American’s mini-revolver line is probably the most crowd-pleasing tiny pocket guns in the country. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

North American’s line of Mini Revolvers cover just about ever .22 rimfire offering you can think of, with wheel guns short, long rifle and magnum variants. Often small enough to fit in the “fifth” pocket in a pair of jeans– you know, the one that nothing else fits it, these guns are often unseen in the best places to “coin” a phrase. See what we did there?


Mauser HSc

Mauser pistols Gunscom HSC

Mauser typically known for rifles also made some nice small-framed pistols. (Photo: Richard Taylor/Guns.com)

The name Mauser is one of the most recognizable in the firearms world, but did you know the Mauser name also comes on some sweet small-frame pistols? The German-made pocket-model HSc was most commonly chambered for either 6.35mm/.25 ACP or 7.65mm/.32 ACP though there are variants in 9mm Kurz, or as we know it, the .380 ACP.

Holding seven to eight rounds in the magazine depending on caliber, it is easily concealed with its 3.2-inch barrel. The Art-Deco influence of the time is visible in the lines of the Mauser HSc.


Beretta 950 BS

Beretta Minx 950 B

Beretta Minx 950 B, long barrel and short barrel models.

If you’ve never fired a semi-automatic pistol in .22 Short, you’re missing out. While the stubby rimfire cartridge may not be well suited for many potent jobs, having an easily packable backup gun is never a poor choice.

The Beretta 950 BS is a semi-automatic pistol with a 3.8-inch barrel, 8+1 round capacity, and classic Beretta quality. For those who find the .22 Short too underpowered, the 950 family also comes chambered in .25 ACP.


Walther PPK

Walther PPK

The Walther PPK has always been a classy carry choice.

Few pieces evoke James Bond’s spy sentiment like the Walther model PPK. These semi-automatic pistols exude style. Chambered in .380 ACP, this piece is almost too pretty to stash in a pocket — almost. A pair of 6-round magazines means there’s plenty of firepower for those who choose to carry this PPK.


Colt Pocket Positive

Colt Pocket Positive

The Colt Pocket Positive

For top-quality pocket-sized wheelguns, Colt sits right at the top of the heap along with Smith & Wesson. The Colt Pocket Positive is a SA/DA revolver with a 6-round cylinder. Manufactured around 1919, the collectible and practical Colt is interesting for both collectors and avid shooters.


S&W Model 36

Smith & Wesson Model 36

A great little pocket revolver. (Photo: Smith & Wesson)

Like the Colt Pocket Positive, Smith & Wesson’s Model 36 is one of the most capable pocket revolvers. Snub-nosed S&W revolvers evoke an earlier era of cop-shop detective carry. The slim, round-butt J-frame design uses checkered wooden grips inlaid with the S&W medallion. The 2-inch barrel makes it the ultimate for deep concealment while still maintaining significant firepower from the .38 Special caliber.

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