Holy Kalashnikov, Batman! The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is in the process of leaving behind their legacy AKs for the AR-15 platform-- with a little help from Daniel Defense

The DPSU reported earlier this month that the first units, the Dozor rapid-reaction teams, have moved to the new 5.56mm NATO caliber UAR-15 carbines and the whole force is expected to make the transition. The change is reportedly to make the service more compatible with NATO and European Union standards.

"The rifle is produced in Ukraine from domestic and American components," explains the service in an English language press release. "In particular, the barrel and the trigger mechanism, on which the accuracy of firing directly depends, are made in the USA by the Daniel Defense company."

Images released by the DPSU show the UAR-15 to be three-position select-fire, equipped with an aluminum handguard-- using KeyMod accessory slots!-- Leupold Carbine Optics, flip-up MBUS Pro back-up iron sights, Lancer AWM polymer magazines, a QD muzzle device for a suppressor, and a variety of Magpul furniture. 

Notably, the force is also moving to a Multicam-style camo pattern as well. (Photo: DPSU)
Note the cutaway gun used by the instructor. (Photo: DPSU)
The lowers, marked "Made in Ukraine" are 3-position select-fire with controls in English rather than Ukrainian. 

Check out the below video (in Ukrainian) showing off the UAR-15 and its suppressor. 

The DPSU is a gendarmerie force of some 42,000 and includes Ukraine's coast guard. During times of war, the service falls under the command of the country's armed forces. The country has been involved in an on-again/off-again shooting war with neighboring Russia over the Donbas region and the subsequent invasion of the Crimea since 2014, with the border agency at the forefront of the fighting. 

revolver barrel loading graphic