Women cite recent civil unrest and the upcoming presidential election as motivating factors behind recent gun purchases, according to an August survey conducted by A Girl and A Gun Shooting League. 

According to the survey which polled 6,000 AG & AG members, 14 percent of women cited riots, mobs, and civil unrest as the reason for their first gun purchase. Meanwhile, 12 percent of respondents said the presidential election slated for November pushed them towards gun ownership. The Coronavirus pandemic nabbed the fourth spot on the list, with 7-percent concerned about the virus and its impact.

Concerns over gun control often arise in election years causing more Americans to stock up on guns and ammo. This year's election has already proven important for gun rights due to presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden's support of a rebooted ban on semi-automatic firearms. Taking to social media in early August, Biden made it clear that so-called "assault weapons" have no place under his presidency, should he be elected come November. 

"Weapons of war have no place in our communities," Biden's social media accounts said. "When I was a senator, I took on the NRA and secured a 10-year ban on assault weapons — and as president, I’ll ban these weapons again."

The fear of looming gun-control paired with protests around the nation has caused a boom of interest in guns with NICS background check continuously soaring above the 2 million mark. Given the current climate, Robyn Sandoval, Executive Director of AG & AG, said the survey results weren't surprising.

"While recent instances with riots and law enforcement have spurred many women to become new gun owners, our feedback shows that women are not only purchasing firearms, but they are investing in formal training as well," Sandoval explained to Guns.com in an email. 

A Girl and A Gun members gather for a range day. (Photo: A Girl and A Gun via Facebook)

Poised to make their voices heard in just a few months, Sandoval said its important to continue to encourage gun ownership among women as it may tip the scales in November. 

“As the cornerstone of women’s training in America, AG & AG’s survey proves that women are poised to make a difference at the polls. When women learn about gun ownership, they share it with their families and friends. The exponential growth of ladies seeking education, purchasing firearms and related products, and learning about Second Amendment advocacy has a long-term impact on their communities,” she stated.  

While the industry itself has seen an influx of new gun owners, Sandoval said AG & AG has also experienced a surge in membership. In the past year, the shooting club has seen an uptick of 150 percent in new members. 

"This survey quantifies that many women never considered formal firearms training as an option before and were excited to find opportunities with A Girl & A Gun," Sandoval said. "AG & AG is now moving into our 10th year of educating women on the safe use and storage of firearms and promoting women’s interest and participation in training and competitive and recreational shooting sports. Our mission is relevant, and the organization is stronger than ever."

In the survey, 92 percent of participants said they were in the process of obtaining their concealed carry permit or already had one. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

According to the AG & AG survey results, 40 percent of respondents were new gun owners, owning a firearm for less than a year. Additionally, 23 percent of women said they were the only gun owners in the home. Citing self-defense as a predominant factor, over 90 percent of women polled said they were in the process of, or already have, a CCW permit. Sandoval emphasized that as more and more women take up guns -- whether for protection or sport -- the industry should remain committed to bringing innovative and effective products to female shooters. 

“With so many women seeking information on personal defense, matching them with the best products is vital,” Sandoval said. “Data disproves the efficacy of the ‘pink it and shrink it’ model of product development, and brands must continue to create new and innovative products developed specifically for women.”

For more information about AG & AG and local chapters near you, check out the group's website.

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