Let’s face it, not everyone can gift a gun for Christmas, as much as we might want to. For starters, they are expensive and depending on the state you live in, there could be legal hoops to jump through to gift one.

Whether you’re on a budget this year, or just looking for a stocking stuffer, there are plenty of affordable gun gifts for under $100. Guns.com has put together a great list of gifts that will be sure to please while not breaking the bank.

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Extra mags are always welcome on the range. (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com)

Extra magazines are a great stocking stuffer for the range addict in your life. They allow them to shoot more, and reload less. With top brands such as Magpul, Amend2, and Pro-Mag all available on Guns.com, you’ll be sure to find something that works. 

The best part about extra magazines, aside from them giving you more trigger time, is that they're relatively inexpensive. If your budget is $100, you could easily get 3-4 magazines depending on the gun and still have some money left over. Just like getting the utilitarian gift of underwear for Christmas, magazines might not light up the room, but they will certainly be appreciated.


5.11 Gifts


The Kubaton Tactical Pen makes for an affordable and practical Christmas gift. (Photo: 5.11)

5.11 has made a name for themselves by creating products that hold up to extensive wear and tear. They are often used by military and LEO around the country, so you know that their reputation stands up. While the company has some expensive products, we’ve found three that are well under $100.

Vehicle Ready Hexgrid Seat – One of the hottest products 5.11 announced last year at SHOT Show was this vehicle ready storage system. Anyone who has heard their medkit rolling around in the back of the SUV will appreciate this gem. The Hexgrid system is made of hook and loop material and allows you to have modular pouch management. The Hexgrid also allows for angled mounting of pouches. The system comes with a single zippered pouch to get you started on organizing your ride right away. With a MSRP of $44.99, this product will keep you under $100 and give you room to buy more pouches for more organization. 

Kubaton Tactical Pen – Need a pen that also doubles as a self-defense weapon? 5.11 has got you covered with their Kubaton Tactical pen. Made out of anodized aluminum and able to take Rite in Rain ink cartridges means that this pen should last a lifetime. Perfect for taking into those dreaded “gun free zones” this pen is a great last resort defensive tool. With a MSRP of $29.99 you can get all three colors and still be under $100!

Defender-Flex Straight Jean – Want to look be tactical while also remaining comfortable? Look no further than the Defender-Flex Straight Jean. Built with two additional magazine pouches means that you won’t have to struggle to find where to keep that extra mag. The jeans also allow for maximum flexibility while being durable enough to stand up to everyday use. With an MSRP of $69.99, this is the most expensive item on this list but one you’ll probably get the most use out of.



Any hunter or long-range shooter will appreciate a good pair of binos. (Photo: Jeff Wood/Guns.com)

Whether you’re a hunter or just like spending time in nature, a good pair of binoculars goes a long way. While there are lots of binos that can reach into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, there are plenty of budget options that will do just fine. The Bushnell Powerview series of binos start at just $17.99 and range up to $65.99 depending on the magnification needed. Even Leupold has the budget-friendly BX-1 series of binoculars that will get you 10x magnification and are waterproof to boot. 



There are lots of gifts for the gun lover in your life and you don’t have to break the bank to get them something they’ll love. While this is just a shortlist of some of our favorites they won’t be disappointed with any of the above. 

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