In a salute to the pistol that kicked off Gaston Glock’s impressive firearm manufacturing career, the Glock P80 is retro done right.

During the 1970’s Mr. Glock was manufacturing military hardware such as knives, grenade cases, machine gun belt links, etc. However, in 1980 when the Austrian military decided they needed a new service pistol Glock jumped at the opportunity and decided he would make his own pistol for the competition. By 1982 Gaston Glock had been awarded the contract by the Austrian military and his entry was designated Pistole 80 or P80.

This year, Glock decided to pay tribute to the original P80 by re-releasing it in a limited quantity. In the video above, we go over all the ways it's identical to the original P80, as well as, a few places it differs.

Shortly after Glock was awarded the Austrian military contract the pistol became available for sale on the commercial market under the new name Glock 17. It functioned the same as the military issued sidearm but was labeled Glock 17 on the slide instead of P80. (Photo: April Robinson/
Glock’s modern production limited-edition P80 celebrates the origin story of Glock handguns. Whether you’re a Glock fan, handgun collector, or just looking to pick up a reliable pistol with unique character, this P80 is the perfect fit. Gun mat not included with purchase. (Photo: April Robinson/

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