If you like showing support for the Second Amendment by wearing it, then maybe Guns.com swag is the perfect Christmas gift for you. We have lots of great items, anything from our vaunted Guns.com tees to our cool camper mugs have made their way through pro-2A households. Here’s the thing; if you want to get this awesome swag before Christmas you have little time left to order.

In fact, today is the last day you can order and still get your Guns.com swag before the Christmas holiday is here. Dust off your cap and throw up that sash because if you want to get that sweet Guns.com swag before Christmas you need to order now! get all your Guns.com merchandise today by clicking the link below.



A Pelican mug will keep drinks hot all day long...
... while the camper mug will keep you looking hip.
If you're looking for something wearable one of our "GUNS" shirts is always a hit.


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