We bring you tidings of great joy and, with the Christmas holidays upon us, have ballistic tales of Yuletide food fights for your review. 

First up is 22 Plinkster as he works his way through the complex carbohydrate that is Lil Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, which are like Zebra Cakes but without the zebras. 

Next, we have Kentucky Ballistics taking on eight giant cans of gravy with a full-auto 458 SOCOM.

Moving on, Paul Harrell donned the tiger stripe cammies and takes on a relentless holiday enemy – fruitcake and its suspect fig newton cousins. "Remember, fruitcake is devious and does not abide by the laws of land warfare," warns Harrell.  

As a bonus since you came this far, how about Full Mag going for a workout with a .50 cal Barrett and assorted other goodies such as diesel and det cord. Sure, it’s not food related, but how can you not watch footage of Santa doing slo-mo mag dumps on a .50 cal followed by ole Tannenbaum getting turned into fiery toothpicks? Also, there is a flamethrower finale. 


Banner photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com. No jellied-style cranberry sauce was wasted in the making of this image.

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