This week is typically when you would see videos and photos streaming in from Las Vegas when the annual SHOT Show should be occurring. Of course, like everything else fun in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic had to come along and ruin it. Not to worry though, will still be your number one resource for all new product offerings and virtual SHOT Show news. The show is still slated to happen virtually from January 18th through January 22nd and is committed to bringing you the biggest and best news from the virtual show.

While it’s a far cry from the normal coverage you’re used to seeing, we’ve put together some of the best highlights from SHOT Show coverage from the years below. Hopefully it brightens your spirits and get you ready for SHOT Show 2022, when we can all get back together again.

Celebs of SHOT Show


The Iceman is looking as intimidating as staring down the business end of a Barrett. (Photo: Ben Philippi/
Noted 2A activist and goatee aficionado Steven Seagal is known to make an appearance at SHOT. (Photo: Ben Philippi/
Brett Farve is a known hunting enthusiast. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Who doesn't love seeing these guys on the range? (Photo: Ben Philippi/
If you don't consider this man a celeb you should. May God bless Alan Gottlieb and the Second Amendment Foundation. (Photo: Ben Philippi/

Best Videos of SHOT Show







Having Fun at SHOT Show


Kel-tec always brings the fun! (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Pincus is a favorite at events. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Another fan favorite, Mark Serbu. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


There is something about a lady with an AK. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


You already know which booth has the most fun. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Don't sleep on the SASS shooters, they need guns too. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Kel-tec gonna do what Kel-tec gonna do. (Photo: Ben Philippi/


Some of the Most Interesting Products of SHOT Show







Dogs of SHOT Show


Nothing to see here, move along. (Photo: Scott Gara/
Man's best friend, ready with the med packs. (Photo: Scott Gara/
I'm ready, you ready? (Photo: Scott Gara/
Who's a good boy? (Photo: Scott Gara/
I'm tired, carry me please? We can all relate after a long day of walking the show floor. (Photo: Scott Gara/



See you all next year! (Photo: Ben Philippi/
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