Ammunition powerhouse Federal Premium is never short on new products, and 2021 is no different with dozens of announcements. Which ones should pique the attention of hunters? digs in to find out. 

Swift A-Frame Handgun Ammunition Additions

Federal’s Swift A-Frame loads expanded in 2021 to include .357 and 10mm. (Photo: Federal)

Talk to any experienced handgun hunters, and they’ll name Federal’s Swift A-Frame loads among the most trusted handgun ammunition lines in the field. The Swift A-Frame projectiles retain weight and control expansion, making them ideal for big game. While all the common calibers continue, Federal made two interesting additions in 2021 for handgun hunters – .327 Federal Magnum and 10mm Auto. 

The 200-grain 10mm bullet is dressed with a nickel-plated case, while the .327 Fed Mag uses a 100-grain bullet. While the loads are optimized for handgun hunters, there’s little doubt fans of Henry’s lever-action .327 rifles will want to try the Swift A-Frame loads alongside Federal’s existing Hammer Down centerfire ammunition in that zippy caliber. 

Terminal Ascent Line Grows


The expanded line of Federal Terminal Ascent ammo now includes more calibers and heavier weights. (Photo: Federal)

Federal Premium’s wildly successful Terminal Ascent line of centerfire rifle and component bullets expands in 2021. This match-grade bullet has been proving itself not only on long-range big game but all-range hunting, too. The bonded projectile construction penetrates deeply at close range, while the SlipStream polymer tip performs at long range as well. New additions include .300 PRC loaded ammunition in 215-grain. The other three launches are heavier-weight component bullets for reloaders: .277 in 155 grain, .284 in 175 grain, and .308 in 215 grain. 

FireStick 80-grain Introduced


Federal expanded their line of FireSticks for the muzzleloaders out there. (Photo: Federal)

Still hot on the new product list from Fall 2020, the simplified muzzleloading combination of Federal FireSticks and Traditions' NitroFire 50-caliber black powder rifles continues to expand. While Federal’s initial FireStick line included two load choices in 100 grain and 120 grain, they have added a third encapsulated load for 2021. The yellow-housed charge packs a lighter 80 grains of Hodgdon Triple Eight powder for a lower-recoiling option. The 80-grain FireSticks ship in 10-round packs and must be used in the Traditions NitroFire muzzleloaders. 

Prairie Storm Shotshell Line Expands


Prairie Storm shotgun ammunition blends 70-percent coper-plated lead with 30-Percent FliteStopper pellets, creating penetration and an effective shot pattern. (Photo: Federal)

Upland hunters, rejoice. Federal has added both 16-gauge and 28-gauge shotgun ammunition offerings to its successful Prairie Storm family. These loads pack a mixed payload of both standard and FliteStopper pellets into Federal’s proprietary FliteControl Flex wad. That shot blend is 70-percent copper-plated lead and 30-percent FliteStopper lead, with the latter creating larger wound channels. 

They’re built to, as Federal advertises, “produce an inescapable pattern through both ported and conventional upland chokes.”  The two new gauge offerings join an extensive line of both 12-gauge and 20-gauge loads in FS Steel and FS Lead. Prairie Storm ships in 25-round boxes, with a portion of proceeds donated to Pheasants Forever

Hammer Down Line Extensions


Three new chamberings are now available for Hammer Down ammunition (Photo: Federal)

When Federal Premium partnered with Henry Repeating Arms to create a line of lever-gun specific ammunition, hunters were the big winners. That launch consisted of five chamberings, including the likes of .45-70 Government, .30-30 Winchester, and .44 Remington Magnum. The market has been clamoring for more ever since. Federal answered this year with three additions that are sure to please lever gunners. Hammer Down will now also include: .35 Remington, .444 Marlin, and .45 Colt. The bonded soft-point bullets are tailored for big game, while the loads are optimized for rifle-length barrels. Hammer Down ships in 20-round boxes and the new rounds are in production. 

revolver barrel loading graphic