Colt on Monday announced they have reached back into the vault for a new installment in their vaunted .44 Magnum Anaconda series of wheelguns. 

An oversized redesign based on their new Python action with a beefier frame, the 2021 Anaconda will be available in both 6- and 8-inch barrel formats. Other features include a leaf-spring action, recoil-absorbing Hogue overmolded grips that interchange with Python grips, and fully adjustable sights. The frame is drilled and tapped for optics in a nod to handgun hunters. 

The new 6-inch Anaconda has an unloaded weight of 53 ounces, and an overall length of 13 inches. Height is 7.25 inches. (Photo: Colt)
The hand-filling 8-inch Colt Anaconda for 2021 has an unloaded weight of 59 ounces, and an overall length of 15 inches. Height is 7.25 inches. (Photo: Colt)

Both guns have what Colt terms a semi-bright finish, a red ramp front sight, target adjustable rear sight, and 1:20 LH 6-groove barrel.

"The Anaconda is a legendary piece of the Snake Gun series and fills a unique space in the revolver market," said Justin Baldini, Product Director at Colt. "Our team was dedicated to making this revival worthy of the Colt name while serving the needs of today’s gun owner."

First introduced in 1990 as the apex of Colt's snake gun series, the Anaconda was in production until 2003 when the company put the design to bed. Now, following on the heels of the company rebooting their .38 and .357 double-action revolvers with the Cobra and Python series over the past four years, the move to bring back an improved Anaconda is fitting. 

MSRP is $1,499 on the new Colt Anaconda, which is a good deal less than what the vintage models trade for these days. Colt, who was recently acquired by CZ, says the guns will be made at their traditional plant in West Hartford, Connecticut. 

Range Hot and Gun Talk Media were able to get test models for review, which means at least two Anacondas have been made, so be sure to check those out, below – and, yes, there is an Ice Cube reference in at least one of them.