Extreme Long Range competitive shooter Ryan Cheney recently made the record books by landing a shot on target 2.35 miles downrange. 

Cheney, 41, made his record shot at the Spearpoint Ranch in Barnard, Kansas, on March 27, stretching out 4,134 yards to hit a piece of 6-foot-squared steel. Cheney was shooting Hornady .338 caliber 300-grain A-TIP bullets in his custom-built GA Precision rifle chambered in 33 XC, topped with NF optics. 

"I just made the longest confirmed impact in an ELR match, of all time. 4134 yards. Totally surreal," posted Cheney to social media just after the shot. (Photo: Ryan Cheney)
Cheney's GA Precision rifle has a Defiance Deviant action, Manners Composites stock, Bartlein barrel, and Triggertech trigger.  (Photo: Ryan Cheney)

Even with his remarkable feat, Cheney said he has big hopes for the future as both ELR shooters and rifle technology continue to reach new heights. 

"40 years from now when I’m an old man, I hope to spectate an ELR event and watch some whippersnapper that probably isn’t even born yet, go 3/3 cold at 4100 yds," he wrote. "I’m excited to see the advancements that are yet to come!"

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