After finding a rusty and crusty old Chicom SKS in a local river while magnet fishing, the challenge is trying to get it working once again. 

YouTuber Cameron Reynolds, who covers "performing arts, firearms, DIY & tips, adventure, cool happenings in life, etc." posted a video of the 7.62x39mm carbine fresh from the water last month. 

It was pretty grungy when it was brought to the surface. (Photo: screengrab)
And was home to some freshwater marine life. (Photo: Screengrab)
When it dried out it was in even worse condition. (Photo: Screengrab)

Nonetheless, Cameron put in the sweat equity that, when coupled with some PB Blaster, CRC Brakleen, and Hoppe's oil, made the rifle look ... better. However, it was still nonfunctional as the spring was broken, and the trigger pack and magazine had rusted to the point of no return. 

Not to fear, as Cameron bounced back with a few new components on the same old barrel and receiver then fired the Type 56 remotely. (Warning: don't do this at home, folks!)

Some of the components, notably the mag and the trigger pack were toast, but will it run with those replaced? (Photo: Screengrab)

Spoiler alert: it worked, although it didn't cycle at first as the gas port was blocked. Eventually, he even was able to run it for groups at 50 yards, going six for six on a pizza box-sized target with steel cased ammo, which is actually not that bad for an SKS in any condition. 

"Not terrible for a gun that's been sitting in the bottom of the river for who knows how long," he said. 

Somewhere in that great gun design bureau in the sky, we'd like to think that Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov smiled, and gave Cameron a thumb's up. 

(You may need to turn the volume up, as its a little low) 


revolver barrel loading graphic