A recent survey of 1,000 likely voters found that most respondents support Second Amendment rights and have little appetite for new gun control laws. 

The poll, conducted last week by New York-based McLaughlin & Associates, covered all regions and reached primarily those who identified as middle class with a mean age of 49 years old. Demographically rich, the respondents titled slightly blue, with 51 percent saying they voted for Joe Biden in the most recent Presidential election and 57 percent saying they approved of his performance thus far. However, there was a distinct shift to the perceived right when it came to questions on gun politics. 

Overall, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they support the right to keep and bear arms with only 6 percent saying they "strongly opposed" the Second Amendment. In a deeper dive, 58 percent said they would support a candidate for Congress who supports 2A rights and 55 percent chose better enforcement of gun laws already on the books rather than adopting new gun control laws. 

That jives with a recent Gallup poll that found just 41 percent of the public is dissatisfied with current gun laws and wants them made stricter.

When asked about recent murders in Atlanta and Boulder, which have been used by anti-gun advocates and progressive lawmakers to advance a gun control agenda, 45 percent of respondents to the McLaughlin poll said that enacting new gun control laws would not have stopped such events while just 38 percent felt they would have. Regardless, almost two-thirds said that proposed restrictions on firearms and gun owners should be debated through the established democratic process rather than put into effect by executive orders. 

“This survey shows clearly that Americans cherish their Second Amendment right," said Jim McLaughlin on the results. "It’s obvious. Anybody who tells you Americans don’t believe in the Second Amendment doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s also clear they do not want Joe Biden deciding gun policy on his own, but instead want this issue debated through the democratic process."

The poll was commissioned by the Second Amendment Foundation. It has a 3.1-point margin of error with a level of confidence of 95 percent, according to McLaughlin.

“Americans are protective of their constitutional rights,” said SAF founder and executive vice president, Alan Gottlieb, “and we will use these poll results to fight the attacks on gun owners happening right now on Capitol Hill and in the Oval Office.” 
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