We don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but Hoppe’s just launched a 1-gallon option for their widely popular No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner and Gun Lubricating Oil, and that just made our day.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Oil Gallon
And the gun world rejoiced! Note: Bottle size not accurately depicted in this photo.
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Before the announcement, Hoppe’s did offer pint-size bottles of their highly popular cleaning oil. While a few pints are great for a night at the bar, they were never ideal for gear bags, trips to the range, or cleaning meditation sessions on the couch. 

Obviously, a full gallon of oil is a bit much to lug around as well, which is why the company is pitching the new offering as a cost-effective way to refill your smaller Hoppe’s containers from one jumbo oil “bottle.” Yes, the release did refer to the containers as bottles, though the site has them listed as jugs. A minor difference, to be sure, but we rather fancy them even as baby oil drums, which would be a marketing gimmick we could get behind.

Either way, the new offering is more of an investment for dedicated shooters determined never to experience a lubrication drought in the future.

“With these classics now available by the gallon, serious gun owners can get more value per ounce while ensuring they never run out of these gun-cleaning staples,” the company announced in a press release Tuesday. “The new gallon containers of cleaner and oil mean gun owners can keep them over long periods of time and refill their smaller bottles of Hoppe’s as needed.”

Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals to make the first batch of Hoppe’s oil back in 1903, thus launching one of the most popular gun-care products ever. In 2021, without even changing the formula, Hoppe’s found a way to make avid shooters even more excited about the product.

The wide-mouth bottles boast a carry handle specifically to make it easier to pour the oil into your smaller containers. The lubricating oil is currently set at $163.95, or $1.28 an ounce. The bore cleaner costs $129.95 per gallon, or just over a dollar an ounce. For a quick comparison, a 2-ounce bottle of the bore cleaner on the Hoppe’s site is $1.73 per ounce. 

Hoppe’s No. 9 Oil Gallon
Gallons, gallons, everywhere. Have you ever found yourself trying to eke out that last driblet of oil from a tiny bottle to clean your gun? Well, never again. Imagine an entire gallon, or gallons, of your favorite oil for protecting your firearms and cleaning powder, lead, metal fouling, and rust always waiting for you after the range. (Photo: Hoppe's)

Aside from possibly saving some money, there’s the added benefit of avoiding the clutter of lots of empty smaller bottles and regular trips to the store for restocking. One ounce is already enough to get most of us through quite a bit of cleaning, but a gallon in the storage room would last … We have no idea how long. Call it the savvy prepper’s solution to long-term gun oil storage.

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