Iraq Veteran 8888 is one of the most influential gun YouTubers, and every year he puts on a hell of a range day for other content creators. The IV8888 Range Day event has become renowned in the firearms industry. Before coming to this event, I heard legends about cars getting blown up and a somewhat endless rattle of machine guns. Invitations are sent to content creators across the industry.


ar15 suppressor ammo trijicon mro iv8888 range day
The IV8888 Range Day allowed 2A content creators to get their hands on some special gear and free ammo to enjoy them. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/

This venue allows creators to gather content that people can’t normally access, with a wide array of full-auto and novelty guns, explosions, and provided ammo. IV8888 Range Day is a Mecca for firearms influencers. From vintage Martini-Henry rifles to pre-release firearms, this range day has something for everyone. Content creators are able to run around and shoot all the guns their hearts desire and produce videos. But they can also use this event to network and put names to faces.



full auto ar15 m16 magpul drum mag iv8888 range dayThe event was wild. Machine guns rattled constantly and cannons boomed. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/

With content creation in mind, IV8888 Range Day brings out explosive Tannerite, tanks, canons, and more. This is not a place for wimpy gunfire. The event is honestly crazy: machine guns rattle constantly, cannons boom, and a bounty of fully loaded guns are just handed to you. There is a frenzied feel, especially at the beginning of the event, as if everyone has just been waiting to unleash. When Eric sets off the first shot, absolute mayhem follows.



iv8888 range day friends quiet time
Quiet and "suppressor-only" times allowed people to meet and have some laughs. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/

Several “quiet times” give everyone a breather from yelling over machine guns. Suppressor-only hour also provides for some neat filming and easier networking. Eric’s goal is to create a range day that differs from the often corporate feeling industry range days. Mission accomplished. There is a very relaxed and casual feel to the event. Everyone there is a firearms enthusiast and passionate about the industry. Vendors from an array of manufacturers set up tents and enjoy the day’s festivities. Content creators work together to collaborate on filming, and vendors are happy to accommodate shooters. What more could one ask for?



smith & wesson 460 magnum revolver big gun iv8888 range day
One of my favorites was firing the Smith & Wesson .460 S&W Magnum. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/

The IV8888 Range Day is the third-largest such event in the country, and one can see why. This is simple, good old-fashion fun with some of the most sought-after guns on the market. Events like these bring people together and enables content creators to gather enough content for an entire year. That allows us to entertain folks like you!

This event was a make-up for last year's event, which was postponed for COVID. Officially back on track, the main event for 2021 is in October, and it promises to be bigger than ever.

taylor thorne friends iv8888 range day
A good time was had by all. We look forward to the next shoot this fall. See you there! (Photo: Taylor Thorne/



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