Tampa, Florida-based B&T USA recently announced its newest rifle, the bolt-action Special Purpose Rifle 300BLK PRO series. 

If you missed out on the original SPR300, that shorty was designed "for discrete carry, rapid deployment, and maximum accuracy under any condition," specifically as a .300 Whisper-caliber sniping tool ideal for use at ranges under 165 yards and, with provision for an integral suppressor, a sound signature in the neighborhood of 121 decibels.

B&T USA 300BLK SPR300 rifle
The original SPR300, sold with a brass catcher and takedown bag, can reportedly be broken down and quickly reassembled with no change in point of impact. (Photo: B&T)

"The SPR300 has an incredible reputation as a whisper-quiet precision rifle originally developed for European special mission’s units, who have allegedly used the platform to great success as a discreet, urban precision rifle, that boasts comparable sound and flash signature to that of an air rifle,” said Jon Scott, B&T USA's VP of sales.

Meet the new SPR300 PRO 

"Due to increased demand, the SPR300 has jumped the line to receive our updated PRO treatment. The new PRO version features an updated chassis, accepts AR-pattern magazines, features a Timney match trigger, and has a new folding stock assembly compatible with the myriad of AR/M4-style stock models available today,” said Scott.

B&T USA 300BLK SPR300 rifle
The SPR300 PRO features a durable hard-anodized, aircraft aluminum receiver for reduced weight, a Timney single-stage Hunter Elite trigger adjustable from 1.5 to 4 pounds, M-LOK compatible accessory slots, a three-position safety selector, as well as cocked bolt indicator. It is chambered in .300 Blackout.  (Photo: B&T)


B&T USA SPR300 rifle
The platform features a foldable and fully adjustable stock, extended top rail designed to accept clip-on night vision/thermal devices and prisms, a quick-detach bipod, and a thread-on B&T suppressor.  (Photo: B&T)

Due to its 9.8-inch, 1:8 twist barrel and suppressor, the SPR300 PRO would be a two-stamp gun. But for stamp collectors looking for a small-envelope SBR they could use to zap quietly, like very quietly, and if the coin isn't too much of an issue,  B&T USA could have just what you are looking for.

To give you an idea of just how quiet these guns are, check out the below footage from the Italian gun mag Armi & Tiro shooting the original SPR300. 

Sorry, no MSRP on the new B&T SPR300 PRO, but you know what they say, "If you have to ask..."


revolver barrel loading graphic