The North Carolina company that brought the world a "fifth pocket-sized" folding .22 pistol now plans to bring a 9mm rifle to the market. 

Trailblazer Firearms this week announced the planned Pack 9 rifle, a 9mm blowback-action carbine with an innovative folding design that compacts the gun down to 20.9-inches in its smallest format. Using Glock compatible double-stack magazines, the Pack 9 has a 16-inch threaded barrel, weighs a very light 5 pounds, and expands to 29.7 inches overall with the stock extended. 

Trailblazer Firearms Pack 9 Folding Carbine
The Pack 9 folded. Note, it will not fire in the folded position. (Photos: Trailblazer Firearms)


Trailblazer Firearms Pack 9 Folding Carbine
The Pack 9 unfolded and with the stock extended. The barrel and action swing horizontally 180 degrees into place. 




Trailblazer Firearms Pack 9 Folding Carbine
It has built-in safety features and extra magazine storage in the stock. The carbine also includes top-mounted Pic rails for optics/sights and M-LOK slots for accessories. 


Trailblazer Firearms Pack 9 Folding Carbine
Note the surface controls and flat-faced trigger. 

No word on the MSRP for the Pack 9, but Trailblazer plans to have it added to the company's catalog sometime in 2022 – which at this point is closer than you think. About the closest thing on the market to the Pack 9 already is KelTec's more traditional SUB2000, which weighs a couple ounces less, folds down to 16.25 inches, and is offered in 9mm and .40 cal. 


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