Ruger on Monday made good on its promise to start making new Marlin rifles before the year was out, releasing the M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant to the market.

The company, which purchased the historic Marlin Firearms assets for $30 million during Remington Outdoors' federal bankruptcy auction last summer, has been teasing the return of the familiar line under new management. Christopher Killoy, Ruger's CEO and president, this October said the company will begin deliveries of the Marlin Model 1895 in December and, true to form, Ruger showed off the first production model shortly after.

Now the 1895 SBL, chambered in .45-70 Govt, is shipping to distributors. 

Marlin 1895 SBLs on rack
Ruger's Marlin 1895 SBL is real and is shipping. (Photo: Ruger)

"We are excited to officially flip the switch and let our customers know that Marlin is back," said Killoy this week. "Since the move of over 100 truckloads of equipment and inventory back in November 2020, our engineering team took the 1895 through a complete design and production review focused on achieving the highest quality, accuracy, and performance standards. The end result is a quality rifle, produced using modern manufacturing methods, that consumers will be sure to enjoy and proud to own."

Ruger Marlin M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant
Ruger's Marlin M1895 SBL uses a receiver, lever, and trigger-guard plate that are CNC machined from 416 stainless-steel forgings. (Photo: Ruger) 
Ruger Marlin M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant
The 19-inch threaded barrel is made of 410 stainless steel and is cold hammer-forged. It has an 11/16x24 TPI-thread pattern to accommodate a muzzle brake or other barrel accessories. Overall length is 37.25 inches with a 13.38-inch length-of-pull. (Photo: Ruger) 

The Ruger-made guns have several cosmetic differences to set them apart from past models made under other banners. 

"Being a long-time Marlin fan, I knew that we needed to take our time and make sure that our reintroduction was nothing short of perfect," continued Killoy. "From the quality of the firearm, to clear ways for consumers to differentiate Ruger-made Marlins, we focused on getting every detail right."


Ruger Marlin M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant  markings
Ruger-made, Marlin 1895 SBL rifles are marked with "Mayodan, NC," bears and "RM" or Ruger-Made serial number prefix, have the Marlin Horse and Rider logo laser engraved on their grip and feature a red and white "bullseye" on the buttstock. (Photos: Ruger)
Ruger Marlin M1895 Stainless Big Loop variant
Other features include an adjustable ghost-ring rear aperture sight and a fiber-optic dot with a tritium ring front sight. The six-round tubular magazine is fed via a loading gate located on the receiver. (Photo: Ruger)

Suggested retail on the rifle is $1,399. Meanwhile, Ruger says that additional models are scheduled for release throughout the coming year, including other variations of the Model 1895, as well as the reintroduction of the Model 336 and Model 1894.

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