Federal on Wednesday announced a new caliber that is more compact than 9mm NATO and more effective than .380 ACP – the .30 Super Carry. 

Calling it, "the most revolutionary advancement in self-defense history," the Federal Premium .30 Super Carry at introduction runs a 100-grain .312 caliber bullet. When loaded in Federal's HST profile self-defense line – with the 100-grain JHP reaching a velocity of 1,250 fps to pull down an energy load of 347 ft/lbs – the company says it has a .530-inch expansion and 15.5 inches of penetration in ballistics gel. 

Federal 30 Super Carry ballistics
Federal 30 Super Carry sandwiched by 9mm and .380 HST loads (Photo: Federal)

The key takeaway from the specs is that the .30 SC is slimmer overall than the 9mm, allowing more cartridges to be loaded per magazine, typically two more in the same length stick. For instance, in a Smith & Wesson Shield EZ that would normally have a 9mm capacity of 8+1, when available in .30 SC that capacity would grow to 10+1 rounds.

A .30 SC S&W M&P M2.0 and Shield EZ
A .30 SC S&W M&P M2.0, as well as a Shield EZ, are inbound, as are 11+1 capacity M1911A1-style single stacks from Nighthawk Custom. There will surely be a buzz around SHOT Show later this month when it comes to the new caliber.
Nighthawk Custom in .30 Super Carry
"Introducing the Federal 30 Super Carry! A brand new cartridge designed for self-defense. Honored to be a part of this project with Federal Ammunition. We were able to have the first firearm that shot 30 SC and helped with the development of the round. This is the future." (Photo/Caption: Nighthawk Custom)

Besides the HST load, Federal is showing images of a 100-grain American Eagle red box target load as well as a 115-grain Speer Gold Dot. Other loads from Remington – owned by Vista, the same company as Federal and Speer – are likely inbound as well. 


Stay tuned for more information on this new caliber as well as the guns and loads associated with the .30 SC. 


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