New Hampshire's Sig Sauer installed another branch in its massive P320 family tree, giving the popular modular pistol the Spectre Comp treatment. 

The new P320 Spectre Comp, developed by the SIG Custom Works, features a laser stippled LXG Tungsten XSERIES grip module fit under an optics-ready slide that includes custom serrations featuring an optic plate and rear dovetail sight. Inside the slide is a titanium nitride gold barrel with an integrated compensator while a set of X-RAY 3 day/night sights ride on top.

The SIG Custom Works P320 Spectre Comp
The P320 Spectre Comp is eye-catching, including a TiN barrel and a gold flat skeletonized trigger. The XRay3 front sight is dovetailed directly to the compensator, which Sig says dramatically improves sight recovery for each shot. (Photo: Sig Sauer) 
The SIG Custom Works P320 Spectre Comp
Due to the LXG Tungsten XSERIES grip module, the unloaded weight on the new P320 Spectre Comp is 41.8 ounces. (Photo: Sig Sauer) 

Tom Taylor, Sig's CMO and executive vice president for commercial sales, explained that "what takes this P320 to the next level in performance is the Sig Custom Works designed compensator resulting in a 30 percent decrease in recoil from the already flat-shooting experience of the P320 XFIVE Legion."

The SIG Custom Works P320 Spectre Comp ships with a pair of 21-round steel magazines – or 10-rounders in restricted states – along with a Custom Works coin and certificate of authenticity. The pistol joins the P365XL Spectre Comp, which debuted last month, as well as the Spectre P320 XCarry, which was announced last year. 

Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham has a first look at the new Sig in the below video. 


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