One of the most popular handgun choices today, the Sig Sauer P320 is well-loved for its reliability, modularity, and accuracy. Utilized by the United States military and law enforcement agencies around the world, the P320 is a trusted choice for personal protection.


The full-size military handgun was adopted as the M17, and it featured a frame-mounted safety, an FDE color, and an optics-cut slide. Joining the ranks of the M1911 and the Beretta M9, the Sig M17 will serve for many decades to come.


The M17 was supplemented by the M18, a compact version of the handgun that featured a full-size frame and compact slide. Both of these handguns feature flush-fitting 17-round magazines and extended 21-round magazines. 


The P320 RXP, or Romeo X-series Pistol, is an optics cut P320 that also features the X-series style of frame and trigger, which came to be in the Sig P365 series of firearms. With a flat trigger, a custom grip stipple, and the ability to mount a red dot to acquire targets more rapidly, this handgun in its full or compact size delivers rounds downrange with speed and accuracy.

P320 Nitron

The SIG Sauer P320 Nitron stands out in the P320 series due to its Nitron-finished stainless steel slide, which provides enhanced corrosion resistance and durability. Additionally, its foundational role in the series showcases the platform's modularity, allowing users to interchange grip modules, slide lengths, and calibers easily, without changing the serialized component.

P320 Xten

The SIG Sauer P320 XTen differentiates itself within the P320 series by being specifically designed to chamber the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge, offering enhanced stopping power for hunting or defense. Additionally, it features a full-size grip and a 5-inch bull barrel, optimizing both accuracy and control for the more potent caliber, setting it apart from its counterparts in terms of performance and capability in handling larger rounds.

Wilson Combat P320

In combination with Sig, the Wilson Combat P320 is a custom full-sized handgun that has features like fiber-optic sights, a beveled mag well, and custom stippling. The handgun is as unique as it is beautiful.

P320 AXG

The P320 AXG - Alloy X-series Grip - is a P320 that really holds a close feel to the lineage of Sig P220 series. With a metal grip module, there is some added weight to this handgun, giving it a feel of power and durability. The weight of the frame helps the user maintain a solid purchase and control, while also bringing down muzzle flip. The AXG features an optics-cut slide, a beveled magazine well, the X-series grip style with a straight trigger, and lightening cuts on the slide to balance the weight of the frame. This handgun is a solid contender, ready to deliver rounds downrange accurately. 

P320 Spectre

The Sig P320 XCompact Spectre is a light, polymer-framed X-series handgun that is also optics cut and features a custom distressed finish. Lightweight and durable, this makes for a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable carry gun. 

P320 Max

The Sig P320 Max is a full-size pistol that features the TXG - Tungsten X-Series Grip - module, which has heavy tungsten inserts in the frame to create that counterweight – like in the AXG – which aids in keeping muzzle flip in check. This handgun features a match-grade barrel, a 1911-style recoil spring, a stainless-steel guide rod, a flat skeletonized trigger, custom serrations on the slide, a Romeo3Max red dot, and a beveled magazine well. With no iron sights and the Romeo red dot, this handgun is perfectly set up to run in a Carry Optics division competition. 


The Sig P320 X-Five Legion shares many similarities to the Max, but it also includes aspects like lightening cuts and iron sights. With the TXG module and a 21-round capacity, the Sig P320 Legion, much like its predecessors, is designed to serve as a duty sidearm while offering a luxury experience to the shooter. 




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