The Vista Outdoor Group recently announced they plan to donate 1 million rounds of ammunition to the Ukraine Armed Forces.
Vista – whose brands include the household ammo names CCI, Federal, Remington, and Speer – said that in addition to the ballistic donation, the company also intends to offer special edition t-shirts with all profits going to refugees in the war-torn country.
"The war in Ukraine has displaced millions of citizens and exposed average people to the horrors of war,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of the assorted ammo brands. "Supporting the relief effort is a crucial element of the global response and we are proud to do our part. It underscores how critical the Second Amendment is in America and highlights the importance of the ability of American Manufacturers to supply our allies with ammunition."
Vanderbrink explained Federal, CCI, and Speer has long been a vendor to Ukraine, saying the company intends to "continue to do so in this global cause to unite for democracy."
While most of Ukraine's small arms are in assorted former Warsaw Pact calibers – 9x18mm, 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, and 5.45x39 – the country also makes a license-built variant of the Israeli IWI Tavor TAR-21 and uses assorted AR variants in 5.56 NATO for military and security purposes. It also fields Glock 17 handguns in 9mm. With that, it would seem most likely that Vista would end up supplying the more Western-oriented rounds, such as 9mm and 5.56, which could be scarcer on the ground there and especially needed for recently supplied surplus arms coming from NATO countries.
The announcement from Vista comes just after Ammo Inc., which has a factory in Wisconsin and has NASCAR legend Richard Childress on its board, announced it would offer Ukraine a million rounds of ammunition.
Spoiling any potential donation would be the fact that commercial air service to Ukraine has been suspended and ships headed to the country's seaports are being warned away due to the risk of missile attacks and mined waters. This points to such deliveries only making it to the country via reported "ratlines" over Ukraine's western borders with Romania and Poland.

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