Minnesota-based Maxim Defense has debuted its first .22 LR pistol and, in traditional Maxim fashion, it isn't ordinary. 

The new Maxim MKIV-SD is based on the Ruger MKIV platform, which the company terms the "finest modern .22 LR pistol in the world," and adds an integrated suppressor it bills as the "quietest purpose-built suppressor in category with the easiest maintainability."

The new Maxim MKIV-SD suppressed .22 pistol uses a state-of-the-art MonoKore design with integrated carbon cutters for cleaning the suppressor. (Photo: Maxim)

Maxim says the MKIV-SD, besides decreasing flash and recoil while increasing accuracy, has no detectable "first round pop" at uncorking. Measuring from the shooter's left ear – not the muzzle as often seen in published industry tests – the pistol runs 114 dB using Gemtech subsonics and only rises to an average of 123 dB with standard velocity CCI Mini-Mags. 

Maxim says the pistol and its suppressor disassembles with common tools and is easily serviceable. (Photo: Maxim)
The suppressor portion of the MKIV-SD is made of military-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and 4140 steel and is nitrided and hard-coat anodized. The overall length of the can is 5.9 inches – adding 5.4 inches to the muzzle – while the weight is a svelte 3.5 ounces. (Photo: Maxim)

MSRP on the Maxim MKIV-SD is $1,595 sans optics or $2,195 including a mounted Leupold Delta Point Pro micro red dot – plus NFA stamp. 

Maxim has also this week announced two stand-alone suppressors, the DRF:22 which is specifically designed .22LR rifles and pistols, and the more full-strength DSX-D – which is hearing safe with an average measurement of 134 dB on a shorty (10.3-inch) AR-15 chambered in 5.56. 


This comes as the new eForms systems implemented earlier this year for suppressors promise greatly improved wait times for processing ATF Form 4s. Like less than 90 days kinda improved. 

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