Florida-based SAR USA is now importing a new polymer-frame striker-fired 9mm, the SAR9 Compact X.

A more carry-friendly take on the SAR9 X, the Compact X runs a 4-inch hammer-forged barrel, giving it an overall length of 7.2 inches. When coupled with its standard 15+1 capacity, this puts the new SAR in the same neighborhood as the Glock 19, FN 509, CZ P-10C, and S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact both in terms of size and capacity. Standard features include a modular frame with interchangeable grip panels, slide lightening cuts that double as forward serrations, a factory optics cut for a micro red dot, and a Cerakoted slide.

The guns are made by Sarsilmaz in Turkey, which has earned a good reputation. 

SAR9 Compact X
SAR USA says the Compact X, by nature of its low barrel axis-to-grip ratio that lessens muzzle climb, and the 20-degree grip angle that provides superior control and fast second-shot recovery, has "accuracy built in." (Photo: SAR USA)
SAR9 Compact X
The SAR9 Compact X is about the same size as the Glock 19 and will be available in black as well as a two-tone model with a stainless slide on a black frame, an OD green model, and a "platinum" model which looks rather gray. (Photo: SAR USA)

The asking price on the Sarsilmaz SAR9 Compact X is $639, and it ships with a cornucopia of accessories including two mags, a Fobus-style paddle holster, a twin magazine pouch, magazine loader, cleaning hardware, and some sort of curious rail-mounted flashlight.

Value-wise, it’s a tough sell against, say an M&P Compact or a Glock 45, which is going to come in a little cheaper and with more name recognition, but if you are a Sarsilmaz guy and look up wistfully at the stars at night wishing they had a more compact model you could rock, your wish is granted.

revolver barrel loading graphic