Florida-based Kalashnikov USA this month announced a new 12 gauge shotgun model for those wanting a more traditional stock. 

KUSA isn't a stranger to the AK shotgun market, having other KS-12 models complete with a pistol grip, M4-style collapsible or fixed buttstock, and 10-round mags; as well as the Khaos and Komrade 12 gauge "firearms." 

The new Kommander drops the pistol grip in favor of a featureless black synthetic Monte Carlo-style Saiga buttstock. Using an 18.5-inch barrel, it runs KUSA's MLOK-compatible Tactical Rail System, ships with three interchangeable screw-in external choke tubes (Modified, Improved, Full), and ships with a pair of five-round magazines. KUSA says it is "hunting inspired." 

KUSA Kommander shotgun
The Kommander includes a trio of chokes and an extra mag. (Photo: Kalashnikov USA) 
KUSA Kommander shotgun
The Kommander series includes KUSA's new Mag Assist, which allows users to insert a fully-loaded magazine with a shell already in the chamber or with the bolt closed. Note the optic side rail mount and rear sling swivel. (Photo: Kalashnikov USA) 

Although KUSA says, "The Kommander was inspired by the God father of California himself," it is listed by the manufacturer as not being NY, CA, MA, CT, NJ, or MD compliant, so there's that. 

The MSRP on the new KUSA Kommander is $929.

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