Listening to customer input, Cocoa, Florida-based EAA Corp is set to start shipping an expanded series of Girsan MCP35 Hi-Power clones, complete with 21st-century updates. 

Coming this summer are the MCP35 Match and MCP35 Ops, both all-steel construction, short-recoil-operated classics that Mr. John Browning would recognize. However, the new guns, departing from the more basic MCP35 that we've highlighted in reviews and tests in recent weeks, offer features that both the average gun owner and the competitive shooter will love.

These include an extended beavertail, fiber-optic front sight, G10 grips, straight trigger, beveled magwell, and windage/elevation adjustable rear sight. Plus, they drop the Mk III-style magazine safety, a feature much-detested by Hi-Power fans.

EAA Girsan MCP35 Match and Ops
The new EAA Girsan MCP35 Match has a more classic dustcover while the MCP35 Ops has a railgun configuration for weapon-mounted lights and lasers. (Photo: EAA) 
EAA Girsan MCP35 Match
EAA Girsan MCP35 Match. Both models use a 4.87-inch barrel, giving them a 7.75-inch overall length. (Photo: EAA) 
EAA Girsan MCP35 Ops
EAA Girsan MCP35 Ops. Both models use a 15+1 round 9mm magazine. (Photo: EAA) 

We came across the prototypes of the Match and Ops variants at SHOT Show earlier this year.

EAA Girsan MCP35 Ops
The guns were still in development in January, set to debut and start shipping this summer. (Photo: Chris Eger/

By the NRA Show in Houston last month, the Match and Ops models were a little more refined and ready for launch in July, which at this point is right around the corner. 

EAA Girsan MCP35 Ops
The EAA Girsan MCP35 Ops at NRAAM 2022. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Retail on the new EAA Girsan MCP35 Match and MCP35 Ops is $699 regardless of variant. 

EAA also has other MCP35s en route – we hope for a compact "Detective" style model with a melt to it – and we spied the MCP35 Gold prototype at Houston. 

For those who like a little more flash. (Photo: Chris Eger/
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