Last week Sig Sauer turned a page and began the latest chapter of its story by opening a one-of-a-kind flagship location in New Hampshire. 

Dubbed the Sig Experience Center (SEC), the 40,000 sq. ft. facility has been years in the making and is a showcase to the world, a love letter to the brand's fan base, and an open invitation to anyone curious about learning more about firearms. The company pulled out all the stops on the $13.5 million SEC, which includes not only a retail store and serves as a landing pad for the Sig Sauer Academy Shooting Facility with a complete conference and events facility, but also hosts the Sig Sauer Museum, and the exclusive members-only Club 1751.

"The Sig Experience Center marks the next phase in our company’s evolution, and we are immensely proud to have the opportunity to share the excitement of our brand and our accomplishments with the world,” said company President Ron Cohen.


Ron Cohen Sig Experience Center opening
Sig Sauer President Ron Cohen was passionate in his speech prior to the ribbon cutting, pointing out how Sig's operation grew from just 80 people in 2004 to almost 3,000 today. (All photos: Chris Eger/


The ribbon-cutting event last Thursday was attended by over 100 guests including local and state dignitaries while Gov. Asa Hutchinson spoke briefly. 


Asa Hutchinson Sig Experience Center opening
While it may seem curious for the two-term Republican to be in the Live Free or Die State, Hutchinson was influential in expanding Sig's operations to Arkansas and is the current Chairman of the National Governors Association. 
Ron Cohen Sig Experience Center opening ribbon cutting
Sig has been getting a lot of use out of those big gold scissors lately, having expanded to no less than 11 facilities across the country. 


Among the others attending the weekend's event surrounding the grand opening was country artist and Sig fan Brantley Gilbert, who held a concert on Friday evening, while local sports legends including Boston Bruins Brad Marchand and Kevan Miller, and former New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri were on hand. 

Besides the numerous facilities in New Hampshire and the sprawling ammo plant in Arkansas, Sig also has its electro-optics operations in Oregon and exports products to over 90 friendly countries. 

The company has been working on the SEC for years on the campus of the Sig Sauer Academy. 



Retail outlet


The flagship store is at the front entrance to the Center and, besides being a showcase to about everything in Sig's catalog, is an outlet to buy classes, range time, and gear. In addition to Sig-branded items, parts, and merch, the store also stocks more than 40 other brands familiar to the community including Bravo Company, Geissele, Gray Guns, Magpul, and Mitch Rosen. 


Sig Experience Center
If you want a barrel, grip module, or just about any other over-the-counter part for a Sig, they have it on the rack at the SEC. 
Sig Experience Center
Nearly 200 floor models are on display, with staff ready to jump in there and help answer questions. 
Sig Experience Center
The Flagship store at the SEC, in our opinion, could be repeated elsewhere around the country. 
Sig Experience Center
Besides firearms, it stocks parts, accessories, and related products from over 40 other vendors. 

Sig Experience Center

They also have a coffee shop that isn't bad.




With over 30 lanes in three state-of-the-art indoor ranges, the SEC Shooting Center allows those curious about a new Sig to get some trigger time and literally "try before you buy." Rental prices are $10 for the first gun and $5 for each additional gun, with the ability to throw in a suppressor for another $5. Open to the public, in addition to evaluating the latest Sig firearms, ammunition, and optics, customers can train with their personal firearms. 


Sig Experience Center
The ranges are modern, climate controlled, and use advanced air filtration. 
Sig Experience Center
The rental counter stands ready to let users "try before you buy" for $10 per gun. 
Sig Experience Center
The lanes are wide and spacious
Sig Experience Center
Sig's Next Generation Squad Weapons were on the range at the SEC last week, showing the rifle range is ready for any sort of punishment.
Sig Experience Center
Sig had ammo and mags stacked deep for the grand opening celebration


The Museum


Just off the store in its own separate wing is the immersive Museum of Sig Sauer, covering the company's roots going back to J.P. Sauer of Germany in 1751 and the Swiss Wagon Factory (SWF, later SIG) of 1853, moving to today's American-based gun industry powerhouse. The walls are covered with a series of full-scale interactive dioramas walking through these 270 years. Sig says historical firearms, one-of-a-kind collections, and the latest prototypes will be displayed in a rotating, ever-changing display. 


Sig Experience Center
The Museum holds a number of competition-used guns as well as trophies from Team SIG shooting sports legends such as Daniel Horner, Max Michel, and Lena Miculek. 
Sig Experience Center
The story of Sig Sauer from 1751 to 2022 is covered in a series of interactive displays laid out time-line style
Sig Experience Center
Featured in a prime spot are the company's new Army weapon systems including the XM250 machine gun, XM5 rifle, and M17 Modular Handgun System pistols. 
Sig Experience Center
Sig has pulled the hat-trick of being selected to deliver handguns, rifles, and light machine guns to the Army, along with suppressors. 


Conference and Events Center 


The SEC's Conference and Events Center includes a modern multi-use space with seating for up to 100. Company officials said this could be used for any number of proceedings including training, meetings, group presentations, product releases (one quietly happened during the opening weekend), and the like. Some even asked if the SEC would host weddings, an occasion that has not been ruled out. 


Sig Experience Center
Sig is ready to host just about anything. 


Club 1751


Complete with comfortable leather chairs and the atmosphere of an upscale cigar room without the stogies, Club 1751 is tucked away upstairs and stands as a private entertainment area capable of hosting VIP events and receptions.


Sig Experience Center
The walls include several rare and one-of-a-kind Sig Sauer commemorative firearms. 
Sig Experience Center P365
That/s not something you see every day.
Sig Experience Center P210
Exsequenti Traditum= Continuing tradition.
Sig Experience Center P320
A matching set to the Millionth P365 above.
Sig Experience Center P226 Scandic
The Scandic series was one of the most beautiful to ever come from Sig
Sig Experience Center P239
Originally an importer of West German-made guns established in Tyson's Corner, Virginia in 1985, SIGARMS later became Sig Sauer and has been manufacturing firearms in the U.S. for the past two decades.
Sig Experience Center Scandic
Did we mention the Scandic series?
Sig Experience Center P230
Now that is kinda swag. 
Sig Experience Center
I remember the $18,500 P226 Black Beauty from SHOT Show 2012, and it remains stunning.


In short, the SEC mirrors similar efforts by big-name gun makers such as the Beretta Gallery system and Lenny Magill's Glock Stores locations, only in a very Sig way that offers more juice to the squeeze.

Our only hope is that they kick off another dozen Sig Experience Centers nationwide.


Sig Experience Center
The Sig Experience Center is located on the campus of the Sig Sauer Academy at 231 Exeter Road in Epping, New Hampshire, and is open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.
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