We hope everyone was able to celebrate America's Independence in July safely with a little more freedom this year. Some Americans certainly took the plunge and exercised their freedom to purchase a firearm. And is there any greater exercise of freedom or better way to show your patriotism than to purchase a gun? We think not.

Don't worry though, exercising that freedom doesn't have to be confined to July, you can do it anytime right here! Here are the top choices from those freedom-loving Americans buying guns on Guns.com in July of 2022. 


SIG Sauer and Glock have been dominating the handgun list for the past couple of months, and there was nothing new to report on that fact in July. Notably, the XTen dropped off from June and was replaced by the P365X in July, while the 43X continued its domination from Glock. Not to be totally outdone, the budget-friendly fan favorite from Taurus, the G2c, rounds out the list.


July provided the biggest shakeup to this list that we have ever seen. Not only did the venerable AR-15 get knocked from its spot as a perennial best-seller, but it got knocked off the top two spots! Now it may be that the Ruger-Marlin rifles just started rolling off the press, or maybe it's that our own Kristin Alberts wrote an absolutely awesome review of the 1895 SBL, either way, they are flying off the shelves right now! We also put together a special package for a Ruger AR-556, and people loved it so much that it sold out! Don't worry though, keep your eye on our packages and sets page to see all the latest bundles we put together. You can find some incredible deals there. 



Seriously, will the budget shotguns ever stop? The deals on these GForce shotguns are just too good to pass up, and people are snatching them up left and right. I guess that's what you get when you sell the most affordable shotguns on the internet. If people weren't hunting deals on affordable Turkish shotguns, then they were looking for bullpups, with the KSG and M&P 12 rounding out the top selling guns in July.