Georgia's resurrected RemArms has announced its first new rifle, an extensive update to the popular Model 700 bolt gun. 

In a two-minute video posted to social media on Friday, RemArms CEO Ken D'Arcy announced the new Remington 700 Alpha 1, which he said has been in development over the past year. 

While the Alpha 1 isn't listed on RemArms's website as of Monday morning, and D'Arcy's video is short on details, Ron Spomer had the scoop and posted on his site a list of a full dozen upgrades the rifle has over the standard Remington Model 700. They include fluted barrels that are treaded and use 5R rifling and increased twist rates for modern loads, a flat Timney Extreme Hunter trigger, and Oberndorf bottom metal on a blueprinted receiver. Spomer stressed the rifle has tight tolerances and attention to detail, qualities many felt bankruptcy-era Remington had forgotten. 

The new Remington 700 Alpha 1
The new Remington 700 Alpha 1. Note the threaded barrel with a muzzle device and the 20-MOA scope rail. 

International Sportsman, who also had some behind-the-scenes knowledge of the Alpha 1, echoed Spomer on the upgrade in quality and confirmed the rifle wears an AG composite stock and uses a flat-top round receiver. 

The closest thing to the Alpha 1 that the "old" Remington had in its catalog was the Custom 700 SIXSITE, a small-batch gun made in the company's Custom Shop in 2019-2020. The SIXSITE used a stainless-steel button-rifled barrel with a threaded muzzle, a blue-printed receiver, carbon-fiber stock by A.G. Composites stock, and a 20-MOA scope rail.

While caliber options, barrel lengths, availability, and – most importantly – pricing aren't known, we'll bring you all the details as soon as we get them. 

The current iteration of the storied gunmaker founded originally in 1816, RemArms emerged from the bankrupt remnants of Remington Outdoors in 2020 with its traditional factory in Ilion, New York, under the leadership of D'Arcy. Last year, with the Empire State facility slowly restarting production amid labor negotiations, "Big Green" announced it would shift its headquarters to a new plant in Georgia billed at creating 856 jobs in the Peachtree State over a five-year period.

revolver barrel loading graphic