Promising the lightest steel shotgun in the field, the new Ultraleggero 12 gauge double from Beretta has made its way to America. 

Introduced last year in Europe, the Ultraleggero, Italian for "Ultralight," fills the hole Beretta had when the company discontinued the Onyx and 687 UL series almost a decade ago. Whereas the older model used an Ergal alloy receiver reinforced with a titanium plate to save weight, the new Ultraleggero has a modified 690 series steel receiver with internal relief cuts, an aluminum trigger group, an increased cavity in the stock, and deletes the side ribs to produce a 6.4-pound over-and-under that still sports a pair of 26-inch Steelium Optima-Bore HP barrels with full, 3-inch magnum chambers.

For those OK with a couple of extra ounces, 28-inch barrels are also available. Meanwhile, a 24-inch model was advertised last Fall in Europe, with a weight of 6.2 pounds. 


The Beretta Ultraleggero
The receiver has techno-polymer inserts with a floral motif that has a fade-in-and-out effect as it is rotated. Beretta says the side plates can be customized and 3D printed with personal designs. (Photo: Beretta)
The Beretta Ultraleggero
The 3-inch chambered barrels are designed to handle lead, steel and HP steel shot and has removeable OCHP chokes. (Photo: Beretta)
The Beretta Ultraleggero
The Ultraleggero's select 2.5-grade walnut furniture ends with a closed-cell lightweight recoil pad on the Monte Carlo style butt while the forend system is a rounded Schnabel type. (Photo: Beretta)


"The Beretta Ultraleggero is for those upland bird hunters looking for a light, rugged and innovative over and under shotgun," said Logan Killam, Beretta's shotgun product manager. "At only 6.4 lbs., the steel-framed Ultraleggero can comfortably be carried and trusted on the longest days in the field thanks to its uniquely designed receiver, barrels, and stock."

The new Beretta Ultraleggero ships in an ABS case with five chokes and a choke key for an asking price of $2,999.

revolver barrel loading graphic