In a move sure to give grins to those who already have a P365 Fire Control Unit (FCU) handy, SIG Sauer has announced standalone 17-round magazines and XMacro grip mods. 

As part of the continued evolution of the P365 platform since it debuted in 2018, SIG interchangeable floor plates unveiled the new 17+1 XMacro variant of the benchmark "Micro 9" a few months ago. While the XMacro, which includes an integrated compensator in the slide, has since proved popular, the company realizes there are well over a million P365s floating around whose owners may want to run the larger mags-- which have already proved capable of being extended even further by folks like Taran Tactical -- or just go ahead and swap out the grip module altogether in some cases. 


P365X P365XL and P365XMacro
The P365X and P365XL, top, compared to the biggest of the series, the new P365XMacro at the bottom. Luckily, they all share the same fire control unit, which means everything else is modular. (Photo: Chris Eger/


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SIG is now selling the standard factory 17-round steel magazine for the XMacro including additional interchangeable floor plates to accommodate the grip length differences of the P365, P365X, and P365XL. The price is $59.99.


The 17-round XMacro series mags
The 17-round XMacro series mags will fit any P365 by using interchangeable floor plates. (Photo: SIG)


For those looking to run the XMacro grip module, which is the first in the P365 series to include an M1913 accessory rail and interchangeable backstraps, SIG is offering them for $79.99. While compatible with all P365 FCUs except for manual safety variants, the user will need a P365XL or XMacro-length slide assembly to make it happen.


P365 XMacro grip module
The P365 XMacro grip module ships with three interchangeable backstraps (S, M, L) to ensure a proper fit for the user's hand. The medium backstrap comes preinstalled. (Photo: SIG)